10 New Expansions Coming To GTA Online This Winter

There is a new update coming to GTA Online that will introduce 10 new vehicles. The winter-themed expansion will also introduce a new motorbike, weapons, and other gameplay features. Keep reading for more details about the update!

The brand-new upgrade Los Santos Drug Wars was published for GTA online. However not all autos are in the game. We reveal you the unpublished automobiles of the update as well as a large garage that is still coming. What type of cars are these? Superstar Games released 5 new vehicles directly on the launch of Los Santos Drug Wars on December 13th. Amongst them is a motor home that is greatly reminiscent of Breaking Negative. Yet as you understand from previous updates of the game, more cars and trucks will be included the Drip Feed in the next few weeks. Data miner could currently find the unpublished cars in the code. We will certainly show you the summary of the lorries that will certainly quickly come to be energetic in GTA online.


all brand-new cars from Los Santos Medication Wars-Leak

What sort of cars is these? The selection varies from very sporting activities autos with an electrical engine to light cars to classics. A taxi will also be released in the next couple of weeks. Similar to a brand-new bike. In the following tweet from Tezfunz2 you can see the pictures from the supplier deals of the brand-new cars. So you get an impression of the look from the new autos. Below we quickly respond to all private cars and trucks with prices and also special attributes.

ocelot merit

Rate: 2,235,000 to 2,980,000 GTA bucks Dealer: Legendary Motorsport What automobile is that? The vehicle is a full-electric hypercar. According to data mining, you have to finish the last dose-BDKD in order to acquire the automobile at a less expensive price.

Tundra Panther

Price: 2,170,000 GTA dollars Dealership: Legendary Motorsport What vehicle is that? The auto should be an especially light vehicle. As a result of the weight saving, the velocity needs to be really strong.

Plastique Broadway

Cost: 925,000 GTA dollars Dealership: Legendary Motorsport What auto is that? This is a classic that astounds with its curves rather than its curve. There is also a taxi paint for the vehicle.

Western PowersURGE

Rate: 1,605,000 GTA dollars Supplier: Legendary Motorsport What kind of motorbike is that? This bike is an electric motorbike. Expect an outright velocity as well as losses in the top rate.

Karin Boor

Price: 1,280,000 GTA bucks Dealership: Southern San Andreas Super cars What car is that? What is striking is the mix in between coupe and also truck, which will probably bring in many looks. In addition to the look, the BOOR is probably a standard auto. A take a look at the trailer of the brand-new update with its material can be found right here:

Willard Eudora

Rate: 1,250,000 GTA dollars Supplier: Southern San Andreas Super autos What vehicle is that? Another vehicle with which you can boost your collection of classics in your garages.

Karin Hotting Ever on

Cost: 1,342,000 to 1,790,000 GTA bucks Dealership: Southern San Andreas Super autos What automobile is that? It is a very reproduced cars that is made for Hot rings. The goal is obviously the racecourse furnished with roll cage. The more affordable rate is, according to Awakening, if you wind up in the leading 3 in 20 races of the San Andreas Super Sporting Activity Collection.

Weeny Isis Rally

Price: 1,835,000 GTA bucks Supplier: Southern San Andreas Super vehicles What auto is that? This is a sporting activities' variation of the modern mini coop.

Declare Tahoma Coupe

Cost: 1,500,000 GTA dollars (or you get it as a gift in GTA online). Dealer: Southern San Andreas Super cars and trucks. What car is that? With the retro mafia vehicle you can handle your stores on the streets of Los Santos snappy.


Rate: 187,500 to 650,000 GTA bucks. District: War stock Cache and Carry. What auto is that? After buying these cars and truck, you can start your job as a cabby at Downtown Taxicab Co. This is one of the upcoming content from the Drug-Wars upgrade.

brand-new garage with 50 locations.

What is that? In the statement of the update, Rockstar Games spoke of the truth that a brand-new garage will show up, which need to use one of the most room for vehicles until now. The information of the garage are readily available from the Data miners. Tezfunz2 shows on Twitter that the structure can be found at the ECLIPSE BLVD as well as uses room for a total of 50 vehicles on 5 levels. Much space for automobiles has its price. You need to place $2,740,000 GTA dollars on the table to make sure that the tricks to the cubicle are turned over. Do you have a favored with the brand-new cars that should still show up in the Drug-Wars update?


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