Cologne U21: Keller strengthens coach carpenter

It's a risky move in today's football market, but 1. FC Cologne is showing its commitment to the coach of its U21 team by keeping him on despite their current ten-game losing streak. In this article, we'll take a closer look at why Cologne believes that Coach Carpenter is the right person for the job and what strategies they are taking to help him turn things around.

Keller continued: I see that the team has enough quality to remain in the league. I see that the group of coaches works well with the group. That is why we will get the essential points in the second half of the season.

Mark Zimmermann is a coach and Mark Zimmermann remains a coach, the handling director Christian Keller highlighted the day after the 0-1 house defeat versus Kaan-Marienborn.

Keller continued: I see that the group has enough quality to remain in the league. I see that the team of coaches works well with the team.


The aim of remaining in the regional league, and we will do that. After an incorrect start, the U 21 had combated into the brand-new season from the table cellar and was back in the top 5 of the table. This was followed by a dramatic crash: the FC reserve did not leave the lawn 10 times in a row as the winner, is just one point in front of the relegation zone. After the 0: 1 bankruptcy against Kaan-Marienborn, the players' eyes went into nothing, the scary was tangible. However: The way the players later bid farewell to the coach on the Christmas vacation might be seen that the relationship between the one in charge and his protégés was undamaged. In the new year they desire to tear the helm around: Quitting is not an alternative, stated Zimmermann combative.

weak offensive

His team has to work mostly on their punch. The Cologne team just fulfilled six times in the last ten video games. External supports will most likely not exist in winter season. At many, there might be permanent loans from the offensive area. At the beginning of January there will likewise be talks in between Zimmermann and the FC supervisors. The soccer instructor's agreement ends on June 30th. A separation at the end of the season probably appeared likely, likewise due to the fact that Zimmermann aims for higher-class jobs. The latest signals do not make a second agreement extension seem more difficult.


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