Jeddeloh II and Havelse deduct three points due to late association taxes

Due to overdue association taxes, both the SSV Weddell II and TSV Averse will have three points deducted from their final standings in this season's Regionally. A request for a grace period submitted by both clubs was rejected by the NFV Presidium on Saturday.

On Monday afternoon, the NFV confirmed the point deduction of SSV Weddell II and TSV Averse.


The reason for this was an association tax paid too late in the quantity of 17,400 euros. These would have had to pay both clubs by July 6, however missed the appointment. The NFV Presidium rejected a request for grace by both clubs on Saturday. The arranged deduction of three points stays and should be executed promptly by the NFV game committee. NFV President Ralph-Uwe Shaffer nonetheless commented in the report of the local association: The corresponding positions of the NFV game guidelines urgently need the review since in today case, as an outcome of a financial failure, the sporting competitors are stepped in.

A new guideline that might be needed should currently use at the coming season. While the three points for SSV Weddell II with a view to the Tableau are still reasonably presented, the danger situation for 3rd department relegated Averse worsens in the table cellar. With only 19 points, the TSV is now on a direct relegation zone.

background for the point deduction

Because the 2020/21 season, the North German Football Association has been without a financial approval procedure for the Regionally Word. Instead, new requirements for involvement in the division were established together with the clubs. One of these requirements consisted of the payment of an association tax (for referee costs, home video game tax, etc.) or submitting a self-debtor bank guarantee up until the provided date.


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