Leverkusen 0: 3 Glasgow Rangers - Florian Wirtz's 'almost' comeback prevents disaster

The first test game of the winter preparation is lost. Bayer 04 lose 0: 3 to Glasgow Rangers. The reaction of the players, but young star Florian With's almost half-hour comeback takes the weak Leverkusen performance into the background - and lets his trainer rave.

I am no longer utilized to the problem due to the fact that I was out for nine months, stated the worldwide after the video game, all in all, regrettably it was a disappointing game. That impacts the entire body. Of course, he is an essential player and likewise has a big effect on the team and our game. Of course, he likewise assists the other players to play much better. It still doesn't matter to Flo, stresses the ex-professional, but.

In the 62nd minute the time had actually come. The minute that Florian With, however also the entire club had actually been looking forward to. Leverkusen's 19-year-old leading star was substituted for Farm Derby, celebrating his return 9 months after his cruciate ligament tear suffered in mid-March. And the following 29 minutes, which With completed as a ten in a 4-2-3-1 system, were enough to generate his trainer great praise. He is an incredible player. He can play in lots of positions, ABI Alonso generally evaluated the imaginative gamer after the video game and seen with a view of the technicians' very first efforts in the beginning: We also saw what unique, unique ones today Qualities he has.

at least With brings a little magic into play

With was the ray of brightness in an overall weak look of the factory club, which likewise deservedly lost in height: fairly easy goal, minor ball losses that the Scots, who take up the game in the league next week, brought into play. Bayer likewise disappointed on the offensive, but With brought a minimum of a wonderful minute to the Leverkusen game when he lifted the rangers defense in the 76th minute with a dream pass and easily played U-19 gamer Noah Perch. A scene that offered a view of how Bayer's video game can enhance through With.

a great start in Scotland

Obviously, not everything went efficiently for the young star. He still needs to get utilized to the competition hardness. Half an hour against physically robust Scots was a great start. It was not surprising that With also let himself be brushed aside or sprayed an unusual loss of ball. The way to the top form is obviously still another. I'm extremely flat. I am no longer utilized to the burden since I was out for 9 months, said the worldwide after the game, all in all, regrettably it was a disappointing video game. That's why I'm not that now In a good state of mind. However, I think that comes throughout the day that I recognize what a day that was for me today.

emotions on return

The day of his return. Who made him special sensations. Physically and psychologically. Before the video game ( I already felt a little tingling in my legs in the conference today), throughout and after this.


The distinction between training and play is a huge one. Because it was so cold here, whatever hurts in the lungs, stated With, I'm actually at a great fitness level, but there are simply the feelings that exist again. More exhausting. That affects the entire body. You simply discover that. In spite of all these side impacts, With likewise understood how to put a smile on the face of Simon Roles. You likewise saw the lightness with which he can play football, said the handling director, who knew how to classify the meaning of the resurgence well: The ambition he has currently seen. Day for him. If you were hurt for a long time, you don't forget the first game later on.

Roles brakes the expectations

Roles soberly bought the team's efficiency. It was a revealing test due to the fact that we were not in the constitution today to start, even if it just begins in mid-January. It was important to see what things we have to work on: on our combinations, on the vote, Likewise on the match fitness. Naturally, this likewise uses to With, whose importance for Bayer Roles does not reject, but intentionally slows down expectations so as not to overload the young star. Of course he is a crucial player and also has a huge effect on the group and our game. Naturally, he also helps the other gamers to play much better. However, it still doesn't matter to Flo, emphasizes the ex-professional, however. The other players also have to take steps forward.

The very first impression that With left was a more positive general. Roles knows from his own experience that there will likewise be other days. Flo is likewise a remarkable gamer, whom we still need to provide the time to come back to his leading type for the next couple of weeks and months, he demands and alerts: He has actually long been, there will likewise be phases, In which it becomes harder..


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