Midnight Suns voice actors and actors list

Midnight Suns is a game that combines tactical step-by-step battles with Marvel superheroes. Since we know what the combat system similar to COM gives is much more interesting to learn more about people hiding behind masks. The list of games is filled with legendary superheroes, such as Blade or Captain America, but less known about actors voicing Midnight Suns who revive them.


All famous actors of the Midnight Suns and list of actors

Although some famous actors confirmed that they are part of the Midnight Suns tactical role-playing game, many unknown remains. To begin with, we still do not know who is behind the votes of the villains and the best part of the Midnight Suns team. Here are the actors voicing the Sun midnight Marvel, and the list of actors:

  • Lyrics Open (TV fugitives)-Nike Minor
  • Michael Jay White (generate the film)-Blade
  • Nolan North (unknown cinema)-a totalize where bets on celebrities are made
  • Rick Pasquale (Dr. Strange in the game Ultimate Marvel vs. Cap com 3)-Dr. Strange
  • Minaret Apostle (a brace girl from Marvel Slot series)-must be clarified
  • Steve Blum (Wolverine and the people of X television show)-Wolverine
  • Tommy Beck-must be clarified
  • Yuri Coronal (the voice of Peter Parker in several projects)-Spider-Man

As you can see, we still do not know who voices such characters as an iron person, Venom or Captain Marvel (and many others). It is possible that some actors from the list above can voice several characters. In the end, the developers promise about 65,000 lines of dialogs and two hours of videos, which means that the actors had a lot of work on this game.

To obtain additional information about the midnight suns, read the section How to get the Skin Defenders of Dr. Stage in the Midnight Suns Marvel in games for professionals.


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