MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate Release New Global Update For The Regular Season 2022

Comes Holdings (CEO Lee Jong-un) announced on the 14th that it will launch a global update of MLB official mobile baseball game MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate.

In this update, the SPECIAL EDITION (SE) 2022 STARS card, which reflects the regular season performance in 2022, will be introduced.

This card features players with high contributions for each team based on the regular season performance of 30 major leagues. In the case of the postseason team, it was easy to recruit higher-grade players through the postseason SE card, but the untrue team had difficulty recruiting relatively high stats. It is expected that it will be an opportunity to alleviate the power difference between the teams as the players who have performed excellent for each team on the SE 2022 STARS card.


In addition, it is changed to enhance user convenience by changing all the same players as reinforced materials.

A rich event is held ahead of Christmas. In the 'Exchange Event', which will be held until the 4th of next month, the main missions can be performed to collect event goods and exchange them with various player packs. In particular, there is a high expectation that the Platinum Player Pack, which can recruit the best players in the game, can be obtained. The global update commemorative attendance event and daily mission rewards will be held.

MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate is a mobile baseball game developed by Gong Games (CEO Gong-sang) and global service by Comes Holdings. Based on the official MLB license, the team's uniforms, rosters, and stadiums are perfectly implemented. In particular, using a game engine specialized for baseball simulation, realistic 3D graphics conveys tensions like a real game.


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