NC TL, CEO Kim Taek -jin introduces direct direction. NCsoft's new PC and console 'Throne and Liberty

NC soft's PC and Console New Throne and Liberty (TL) will unveil the Director's preview on December 27.

The TL Director's preview will be released on December 27 at 10 am on NC's official YouTube. Kim Taejon, CCO (chief creative person), will appear to introduce the direction of the development of TL directly to the user. Major development directors such as Choir Moon-young DMO (Senior Development Officer), AHN Jong-il, TL Development PD, and Lee Moonshot, TL Planning, explain the details of the game.

Prior to the preview, NC released some of TL's world of world through the testing video. The video shows the newly released scenes such as the world, the changes in the environment, and the seamless dungeon.

TL is a new work that NC is developing with the goal of the next generation MMORPG, and the battle flow changes depending on the combat, topography, and environmental variables, such as changing terrain when the weather changes even in the same area. It is being developed as a PC and console platform and is scheduled to be released in the first half of next year.


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