Need For Speed Unbound: Post-Launch Plans

There are a number of different features that will be included in Need for Speed Unbound, such as social game functions. The post-launch plans also include other social game functions for the racing game, including a chat and voice chat system.


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Electronic Arts and Requirement Games recently brought the most recent part of the racing game series to the virtual streets of Lake shore with Need for Speed unbound What occurs next? For the end of January, additional updates for the video game are guaranteed how to let gamers understand about Twitter Post-launch material includes experience packs and open door to new modes, social functions and progress for lake shore online The next upgrade focuses on the social game functions in the racing video game, while with future updates new modes and functions, automobiles, adaptation content and more are called into play Likewise read our interview with the Creative Director of Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound in the Xbox Countdown Sale

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