Pokémon Introduces New Main Characters In Series

Pokémon has introduced new main characters in the series! In addition to the new main characters, Pokémon will now be made with a Parmesan and purple color scheme.

The ninth Pokémon generation just recently saw the light of day with the games Parmesan and Purpura. In keeping with this, a new main anime series has actually now been announced, in which not only a few of these pocket monsters, however also fresh main characters, are involved.


We first have to state goodbye to Ash, however we get fresh figures.

that awaits you in the Pokémon anime in the future

That's what it has to do with: The Pokémon Business Group has currently given us the names of the two brand-new characters in a news release. Like and Roy are the brand-new main characters, however they are now getting started in the Japanese variation. But in 2023 the series ought to also be premiered. The Beginner Flora, Was and Croce, which we understand from the two brand-new Pokémon video game editions, will likewise contribute. In addition, the stunning kind of the legendary rayquaza is also included. We can expect the typical franchise concerns from the plot: experiences and secrets in the Pokémon world, fights and amusing pocket monster encounters. Naturally, that is still a bit unclear. You have to be patient if you require information. Far, this has not existed. You can discover even more recently new leaders to Pokémon here: In Pokémon Parmesan you can protect an ensured Shiny thanks to Exploit The greatest attack in Pokémon Parmesan/Purpura is just readily available in these sweet mice Pokémon: Among Ash's oldest competitors appears in the present anime-do you still understand it? What else is there before? You can look forward to the new history after Pokémon Ultimate Travel. These are presently transmitted on Super RTL and are always offered on digital TOGO platforms 9 days in advance. Parmesan/purple not yet gambled? Here you can see our test: And how about Ash? The hero, which some fans have been accompanying since the nineties, likewise gets a worthwhile farewell damsel with a couple of special consequences, naturally uses to his Pikachu. In addition, we should still get a view of his future. What do you believe: Is it slowly getting time for new main characters, or could you continue with Ash for twenty years?


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