The 8 Most Powerful Spells In Hogwarts Heritage (And How They Work)

Hogwarts's heritage allows you to deeply configure your own witch or wizard. In addition, as a sign of respect for the ability of the room of the requirements to take any form in Harry Potter of the Universe, you can configure this space in different ways thanks to the spell system. Spells include all the furniture that you can place, and sometimes even change the color and size on your database of operations. This is how the system works in Hogwarts's Heritage.

What is witchcraft in Hogwarts's Heritage?

Conjuration allows you to furnish your room with both functional and decorative furniture. Various spells can be purchased in volumes and scrolls, a store in Hogs mid. Despite the fact that you will have a limit of witchcraft or objects of objects, your requirements have many ways to configure witchcraft. Decorative objects, such as chairs, can rotate, change their skin, remain and even reduce or increase their size. Functional objects, such as a pot for growing magical greenery, can also be repainted in different colors and placed around the room.

In addition to studying the corresponding spell, a different number of lunar stones will be required to create spells.


Lunar stones can be found in vivaria, more inside, a magozological paradise where you can grow magic animals and take care of them. All objects inside the vivarium can also be configured using a spell system. Want to know more about our report about Hogwarts's Heritage? Check if you can configure your broom in Hogwarts's Heritage? Or what is ancient magic in Hogwarts's Heritage? Here in Pro Game Guides.


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