The First Spider-Man Trailer Is Here And It's Amazing

Spider-Man: crossing the multiverse shared its first trailer, a brief but intense advance that advances us what this new installment of the arachnid multiverse holds in animated format, all after sweeping between criticism and public with the first part in charge of Sony Pictures and Marvel. And this first glance h left us with dozens and dozens of Spider-Man on screen, many of which are strange surprising. Do you want to know what versions of Spider-Man they appeared in the trailer? Keep reading, because there is more than one surprise.

All Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Ambverse

We start with Ghost Spider or Gwen Stacey, who claims the help of thousands for a multiverse problem. From here we see Spider-Man of Miles Morales initiating a wrapped trip of innumerable versions of Spider-Man in a kind of Citadel of Spider Men of the Multiverse.

And the first frame lets us see several Spider-Man, among which a spider-man with a black and violet suit that could well be prowler in its Ultimate version or the so-called clone of the Benjamin Reilly clone.


A few seconds later we see the black and yellow suit known Spider-Armor MK II with help incorporated to Peter for the loss of his arachnid sense, while on the right we can observe Peter Parker and thousands of Morales of the Insomniac Games video games, Marvel's Spider-Man. Shortly after appears a suit that could well be bed on Jessica Drew's, original Spider-Woman, to give way to the Spider-Cop of Tierra-19119, a New York veteran policeman. You can also see Mary Jane Watson/Spinneret and Annie Parker/Spider ling, woman and daughter of Peter on Land-8119. We continue with a Spider-Man in a sophisticated Iron Spider's suit and the iconic Batman of the story in which Spider-Man intends to join the fanttic 4 with a shopping bag in the head. We can also observe Werewolf Spider-Man, a Peter Parker Man-Lob ode Tierra-7085 and the triumphal return of the Peter Parker of the first animated film, now with a baby backpack. Furthermore, we go to the triumphant presentation of the Spider-Woman of SSA Rae piloting its imposing motorcycle to give it's deserved to a curious version of the vulture. And no less spectacular is the staging of the Spider-Man 2099 by Oscar Isaac, the futuristic version of Spider-Man by Miguel O'Hara, who seems to have a problem with thousands. Other Spider-Man that we see in the trailer are Spider-Man Unlimited of the animated series, Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker)-The daughter of Peter and MJ of the MC2 universe of Marvel Comics-, Lady Spider de Tierra-803, Superior Spider-Man with Doc OCK's mind inside, Spider-Man's Silver Armor, the Spider-Man's manga version, Spider-Man of the MTV animated series of 2003, the Flip side Android that copy the Spider-Man Powers 2099, Spider-Firl of Anya Heart, Spider-Man de Tierra-X or the Spider-Man version of India by Davit Prabhakar, among others.


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