The Magical World Of The 'Hogwarts: Legacy'

Hogwarts Legacy, the next and expected video game of Avalanche and Warner Bros. Games for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, h been seen in a new and generous gameplay that h deepened several pects of the title such its world, combat or the MINISTER ROOM, among others. This h been shared by those responsible through a new showce that you can see below.


We deepen the Harry Potter universe

Starting with his world and how we interact with him, we have been able to verify that the magical broom will be a crucial mode of transport, well the hypocrisy, with which to move through long distances quite eily. All this in environments that will notice the psage of time and stations, well the day and night cycle. Of course, it seems that it will have a traditional interface, with a minimal full of points that will mark the different activities and missions. for combat, already seen in previous advances, the protagonist of the new gameplay h shown how to use the magic wand and its different powers, skills and spells against all kinds of enemies and monsters. Although the Men. Let's move on to the creatures that inhabit the Hogwarts Legacy universe; While most of them will try to hunt us, others that will require our care will also be crossed in our way, in order to rescue them and take advantage of certain advantages that they can grant us in return. But we can also play with these fanttic animals, well resort to invocations to lighten their tks and thus enhance the progression of our avatar. Hogwarts Legacy will arrive at PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S on February 10, 2023, while the versions of PS4 and Xbox One will not be available until April 4. Nintendo Switch port will arrive much later, specifically, on July 25.


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