The Spider-Man PS5 Relee Date Is Set For November 2023

PlayStation clears all doubts: Marvels Spider-Man 2 will reach the end of 2023. Despite the rumors that pointed to a possible delay, the company recapitulates what is to come in the next course with the INSOMNIAC title leading the list. In this way PS5 consolidates a great launch for the final stretch of the year. Bryan Antiwar, creative director of the project and the great thinking mind of the first installment, h shared his sensations about 2022 and what is to come: What a year h been for PlayStation Studios; Here in Insomniac Games we have been absolutely speechless with the work of our colleagues. Congratulations to everyone for the successful 2022... and we hope that next year it will be equally exciting while we continue making Marvels Spider-Man 2 ready for the end of the year.

Months of silence

The unknown increed in recent months. In October, it w the company itself who through a tweet responded to an amateur who hoped that the sequel would not be delayed. Nope. We are making good progress and is still set for 2023. Show games take time, efforts, resource and coordination, said the official Insomniac Games account on Twitter. We must go back to September 9, 2021, to know its revelation. The lt PlayStation Showce had a main course the sequel wait of the arachnid, which confirmed collaboration between Peter Parker and Miles Morales against the demonized force of Venom, which will apparently be the great antagonist. He shared the stage with heavyweights such Marvels Wolverine, Gran Tourism 7, God of War: Ragnarök and the Star Wars remake: Knights of the Old Republic.


Almost nothing. The graphic muscle of the trailer showed that it could be CGI, but shortly after the study confirmed that the entire footage had been captured in real time in the PS5 hardware.


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