Twitter Has Fired Elon Musk, But He Simply Doesn't Want To Leave

It's no secret that Elon Musk doesn't take no for an answer. Despite his own survey finding that he should resign from Twitter, the tech mogul is still at the helm of the social media giant. In this article, we'll explore why Elon Musk refuses to step down and what this could mean for the future of Twitter.

Elon Musk's last coup backfired for him after a large bulk of users had recommended the billionaire to step down as head of the company in his last survey on Twitter. Musk got the social media platform at the end of October for a tremendous $44 billion and after that fell into chaos. To name a few things, his concept of the blue hook, which signifies, was accountable for making an account available to everyone or a main organization.

Now the users of his platform of flexibility of expression have spoken, however Elon is quiet because he guaranteed to adhere to the outcome of the survey.

Twitter: The platform of freedom of expression

You need to leave something musk, he knows how to remain in discussion. If you don't say anything at all, even. Because Elon is silent on Twitter about the results of his survey after most of the users in the microblogging network voted that he must withdraw from his post as a business supervisor.


On December 19, 2022, he began one of his popular studies on the platform with the concern: Should I resign as the boss of Twitter? I will follow the results of this survey. In the premature results of the study, it could be thought early on that most users would choose yes. The billionaire responded to this with other ominous tweets such as: As the stating: Beware what you desire, since you could get it. And those who wish to do are the one who at least earn them

Elon Musk was voted out.

Does he return now? The results have now been identified and specified that nearly 57.5 percent of around 17.5 million votes elected his resignation. At Musk, you never know whether this is a result that he likewise anticipated or whether he has actually completely misjudged his popularity here. Considering that the coordination, the Twitter boss has sometimes been quiet on the subject and has actually not yet revealed whether he really follows his promise. Up until now, he just tweeted through stats on the World Cup on Twitter and retweet some Tesla posts and the announcement of the brand-new Twitter Blue for Service, a new verification program for business on the platform. To web page Share remarks 1 in Twitter Share Article


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