World Cup 2022, final: Referee Szymon Marciniak receives a lot of praise despite controversy


In the World Cup final between Argentina and France, a Polish referee—Szymon Marginal—was in charge. Despite controversy surrounding his performance, he was praised for it by experts after the game.

The Polish referee Szymon Marginal harvested a lot of appreciation for his efficiency in the World Cup final in between Argentina and France. The specialists were especially enthusiastic about the group that matched its assistants Panel Sokolnicki and Tomasz Listkiewicz (also Poland) and Ismail Elnath from the U.S.A. The referee professionals from Collins's beneficiaries licensed Marginal at Argentina's accomplishment an outstanding video game management. Bundesliga referee Patrick Dietrich grabbed a rack higher and mentioned a world-class video game management. The best thing I saw for a long period of time! The previous unbiased Thorsten Infer likewise put a superlative on top: Absolute world-class! Not every choice was undeniable. There were conversations about a kick-back counterattack in France in the eighth minute of stoppage time throughout the regular season. However, the choice was easy to understand, albeit dissatisfied later on. 2 French ran on 3 Argentine and Kingsley Coman at the time of the whistle. Another criticism was an absence of yellow card for Nicolás Amend at his charge foul on Randal Solo Mani. To be perfect, nevertheless, is expensive in such video games, explained Collins's beneficiary: The big choices, specifically in the penalty location, everybody fit and were made with exceptional speed and security. Articles and videos on the subject Here you can find more information and offers for FIFA WM 2022 at Magenta TV The video referee's non-help likewise made appreciation to the heirs along with Dietrich and Infer.

All 3 penalties were correct and appropriate, and Marginal also recognized a swallow by Borussia Mönchengladbach's Marcus Thu ram remarkably rapidly and right away revealed the yellow card. Marginal and his group performed a definitely last efficiency.


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