Assassins Creed Odyssey: All trophies and successes in the overview.

Have you been spending countless hours trying to figure out how to get those hard-to-reach trophies and successes in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey? Well, look no further! In this article, we'll provide an overview of all the trophies and successes in the game, so you won't have to spend hours grinding for them.

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is a lot tamer than the predecessor Origins in successes and trophies. Luckily, you no longer have to discover all the concern marks on the map. You will be simple for 60-70 hours in the basic game, even more with LCS.

all trophies and success of the basic video game

There are a total of 50 successes or 51 trophies in the video game. Luckily, there is no such thing as a bankable trophies, other than for Aphrodite hugs, which you can get in numerous locations. It also makes no distinction whether you play Alexios or Kassandra and the level of difficulty likewise has no influence.

platinum trophies

Impressive cycle: wins all trophies.

Gold Trophies/ Successes for 50 Gamer score

Inselpringer: Complete 20 missions in Peak, on the obsidian islands and abantis Islands. Note: Hydra and Melts form the Obsidian Islands, Europa and Skirts. Do the missions on Hydra and then on Melts. Alternatively, some missions will disappear. The individual arena battles in Peak likewise count for success, although they are not truly side missions. The end of an odyssey: concludes episode 9 and the epilogue.

silver trophies/ successes for 15 gamer score

Kind Poseidon: Total all destinations at underwater places. Note: This is among the most hard success. Search this card where you still lack among the locations: I am a legend: arms a famous melee weapon and 5 legendary armor parts. End up being a hero of the arena: the description promotes itself. Scare of the sea: improve the Drastic totally. The Argonauts: occupy Drastic just with legendary boat people. The reconquest of Athens: concludes episode 8. Restored inheritance: Improving your spear up until 6th place. Note: Success is just possible if you have actually switched off all cultists and after that enhance the spear on Andres. A damasked cult: kills all cultists of the cosmos. Note: Follow our guide: Prize guide: All cultists, hints and where you can discover them One less head: defeat an entire branch of cosmos cultists On a golf course: concludes the Olympic mission series.

bronze trophies/ successes for 15 gamer score

Unmistakable yours: engraving your very first things. You are now working for me: Here a legendary NPC for your ship and assign him a place. Schick: Get your first legendary item and create it. Halfgöttlich: reach level 50. Divine power: Erlang an active capability in 3rd rank. The tip of the food cycle: reach mercenary rank 1. Hermes Homie: Discover all subregions of the Greek world. Note: You not just have to reveal the fog on the world map, however likewise have actually entered every island a minimum of as soon as. Even the little ones. It is insufficient to simply drive past the ship. Devil of the Aegean: Sink your very first legendary ship. Blood sport: Defeat a mercenary in the arena. Note: mercenaries are not constantly available in the arena. Attempt it again and again until someone appears. Harder, better, faster, stronger: improve Drastic for the very first time. Design ends: produce a famous armor. Aphrodite hug: spend the night with a various character. Note: There are numerous romances in the video game. As long as you consistently choose the discussion with your heart, you are on the safe side. Ramming speed: a ship divides in half. Note: For this you need to hit a ship precisely on the side in the middle. It is best to bring an opposing ship into the enterprise and then put you in peace. Take a complete speed and the success should not be a problem. I have the strength: perform a high-performance attack with every kind of weapon. Note: You definitely need both skills high-performance shot (Jäger-Skillbaum) and high-performance attack (Krieger-Killbaum). Then leads the attack with the following weapons: Sword Dagger Serious matters Heavy blade Rod Spear Arc War master: eliminating the leader of a region with a couple of resources (except Regards). A mercenary in training: Complete 20 bounty or war orders or marine quests from news boards. Frocht-notified: increase your bounty to the greatest level. Purchase heroes: Win your very first conquest fight ashore in an area (other than Regards). The touch of the MIDAS: inscribing a famous object with a famous effect. This is Sparta!: Closes the battle of the 300. The start of an odyssey: conclude episode 1. Previous errors: conclude episode 2. The evil exposed: conclude episode 3. Peaked out ghosts: Complete Episode 4. From the ashes: Total episode 5.

The case of democracy: conclude episode 6. The origin of a legend: conclude episode 7. Stinky: Get the eye of the cyclopes back from a goat on Befallen. Note: In the course of act 1, the eye of the cyclonic ends eventually in the butt of a goat. Just kill goats on Befallen till you get the piece of the obsidian eye. According to Perseus design: defeated medusa. Note: Medusa belongs to a longer mission series on Lesbos. An insane victory: beat the Minotaur. Note: The Minotaur belongs to a quest series on Message. The prey in mind: beat the cyclopes. Note: The Cyclops comes from a mission series on Kyocera. Rate: Select the Sphinx. Note: You will satisfy Thermal during the a household heritage. You have to solve three of their puzzles and push the appropriate switches. It is therefore best to note the responses. The responses to the questions are:. Searching license: Complete the mission series of the daughters of Artemis. Keep in mind: The mission series starts in the northern Phones in the holy lands of Apollo. You need the skins of 8 legendary animals. You can discover this here:. Everyone won: Total Marko's quest series. Note: The mission series begins on KOS. Believe me, I am a doctor: Complete Hippocrates' mission series. Note: The quests start in Boeotia after you have actually satisfied him in the main story. A pirate life for me: Total Xenia's quest line. Note: Go back to her on the island of Keys according to AKT 5. The treasures are here:. Birth right: Discover Atlantis and talk to Pythagoras. Anger of the Amazons: column a ship while your team consists solely of ladies.

all successes and trophies of the free LCS.

The piece needs to occur: End The piece should take place. Blitz stab: Defeated stripes of the Blitz bringer. Magnificent intervention: end magnificent intervention. Volcanic sun defense: defeated the glowing. The image of faith: end the image of faith. The children of the Lilies: End The Children of the Lilies. The legacy of the poet: end the legacy of the poet. The seduction of a bro: total the seduction of a sibling. A buddy to die: complete a good friend to die. The heiress of memory: conclude the heiress of memory. A awful day: total a awful day. Every story ends: Total every story ends. Old flames burn more vibrant: Complete old flames burn brighter.

DLC: The tradition of the first blade episode 1.

Lonely lion: kill the Macedonian lions. Without a trace: eliminate 10 challengers with the help of the ability death veil. The beginning of the tradition: reveal the reality about Data's past. Berry: Total an urgent assassination with 4 chains with the pride of the lion. Predator and prey: eliminate all seniors in the order of the hunters in Macedonia.

DLC: The legacy of the very first blade episode 2.

Peal hail: Kill 10 challengers with the help of the fast fire ability. Fire on water: set 10 opponent ships on fire. Preparing goes through concealment: Heal to parry 10 times with the Lower judge. Grownup: factors a family. Storming: kill all senior citizens from the order of the storm on Achier.

DLC: The tradition of the first blade episode 3.

See red: kill 10 challengers with the help of the ability anger of the bloodline. Bitter-sweet beginnings: safe your bloodline. Surgical shots: Heal yourself through 10 headshots, while golden messenger is equipped. Königsmacher: get the sword of the kings. Out of love for Persia: eliminating all seniors from the Order of Messiah.

DLC: The fate of Atlantis episode 1.

No more rulers: eliminate all the supervisors in Elysian. Who opposed the gods: remember your roots. Blasphemy: ruin all marble cubs. Collect forces: collect all the understanding of the guardian in episode 1. The conqueror: win the battle for Elysian with liberated individuals from the 3 main areas.

DLC: The fate of Atlantis episode 2.

Bosnian pet dog: defeat the Kerberos. Guardian of the underworld: Close all Tartars cracks. Distinct: beat all fallen. Collect more forces: gather all the understanding of the guardian from episode 2. A true ruler: Detritus the king.

DLC: The fate of Atlantis episode 3.

Your own medicine: kill 10 ISU soldiers with the updating blessing of the kronor. ISU bloodline: Full the understanding series. Mephisto's apprentice: smithy the 3 legendary weapons. Come to full strength: collect all the knowledge of the guardian in episode 3. 1 versus 100: Defeat the Hekatoncheires.


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