LOL: WAP Esports Keeps Unbeaten Streak in Master Flow League After Beating Ebro

A new day within the Master Flow League began to give great clashes on date number four where we have seen that the squads show a great game quality to take the necessary points to reach the tip of the table, with some teams that maintain The undefeated and who seek to keep that place for the next date of the tournament.

The first confrontation would be between River Plate against Glob ant Emerald that had the squad of the millionaires seeking to keep their marker of zero losses, but the face of the emeralds showed an EMP with Air to be able to punish the rivals bluntly for to have a wide advantage that gave them the victory and took the undefeated to the opponents.


For the second contest we see Ebro Gaming against WAP Esports where we would see a Head take control of the middle part with a Silas that worked as a hunter at the time of ambush to be able to defeat the opponents on several occasions, the WAP team got have a wide advantage that they took to get the victory in their favor. Then we could see Salinas Gaming against Undead BK with the MV squad taking the advantage from the beginning thanks to Sandra's ability with his Viktor to be able to punish the opponents on several occasions letting the magician of chaos have a good scaling To lower the life of the rivals, with a great advantage of Salinas it is possible to bring the triumph of the game. The next meeting would be between Boca Juniors and Macro Pampas where we see a Join in the hands of KZ who showed a great sample of skill with a Join that would be sublime at all times he could to exploit the rivals with the fourth bullet, in this way The foxes manage to have a great advantage that they took advantage of to be able to take things in their favor and take the victory. The last game of the day showed Primate against Newell's with a meeting that began to tilted for the apes of the apes that brought a fire in the hands of Nateruuu with which he manages to take the advantage in the game to be able to punish The opposites and become unbearable, with a great advantage the primate team manages to defeat the opponents to be able to rise with a point for them. After seeing this confrontation we could see that the table moves tremendously due to the results of the date, the WAP squad keeps the undefeated inside the competition with 3 victories in its favor, on another side Coca and River lose their streak Of victories, now we see a more at odd league that could change on the next day due to the competition that is lived.


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