Marvel's Spider-Man 2: The Latest Announcement That Could Change The Video Game Scene

This year he looks promising for the most recent Sony console, PlayStation 5, since games like Spider-Man 2 will make an appearance to be the strong releases of the year.

And now it seems that time is not wasting with the promotion, since an advance of it has been launched that could confuse those who expect their departure date. A spot of the video game was launched that puts several Sony titles as if they were in the news, and in the Spider-Man 2 segment it is put in the lower part that the game will arrive in the spring of 2023. Something that of It will immediately make noise, since at this time there have been many videos regarding the project gameplay. This can be clarified very easily, since the commercial comes from the Australian region, and there the spring is not carried out from March to June, but that it is from September 1 to 1. That means that things remain the same for the Insomniac Games video game, which was commented at the time that is planned for autumn. Remember that Spider-Man 2 will launch exclusively on PS5. Via: PlayStation Editor's note: The matter seemed weird, although I confess that I was already exciting me to have the new adventure of Peter and thousands ahead of time.


Anyway, we will have to wait for a new PlayStation showcase to have more news.


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