8th Date of Master Flow League: Get, River and Pampas Draw - Argentine League's Fair Competition


Continuing with the eighth date of the Master Flow league where the squads show a higher level of preparation in each game they dispute to give us a fair Changing the positions of the table we will have a full day of action for each of the competitors. Starting with the confrontation between Primate with Ebro Gaming, things become intense thanks to the sample of skill of the apes team that seek effectively to press before the rivals with an aggressive driven in the hands of Rim that causes a great impact on the early game In order to obtain an advantage within the game to be able to take the confrontation in his favor. During the second WAP Esports meeting he faces River Plate Gaming in a duel that would seek to mark a tiebreaker between the two squads being the team of the millionaires that shows a better potential within the game with a Darius Mid that surprises in the hands of deceive to punish to the opposites with the notion guillotine and to be able to give them the victory. For the third confrontation we have the battle of Macro Pampas against Undead BK being the foxes that take the advantage from the beginning of the game to punish the rivals and have control of objectives on their side, with an Alkali for Kaiser that The head pain of the rivals becomes gradually climbed on the Pampas side to settle the encounter on their side.

In the fourth contest we had Newell's against Salinas Gaming taking noble with an aggressiveness that ISO with its Virus to be able to take the advantage in the lower part of the map, thus getting the favorable things for Mg, with an advantage positive for them, we see that the situation makes their rivals fall to end the game with a triumph. The fifth fight would be May cam Evolve against Glob ant Emerald with the Esmeralda's squad taking the advantage from the beginning of the match to put their rivals against the ropes with a Zero used by Kindness that would make a great chaos in the lower part of the map to end his rivals on several occasions letting the shooter had a great prominence and will take the game with his teammates Results that vary the table too much thanks to very interesting fights between the teams leaving the general table with three teams in the first position Glob ant Emerald, River Plate and Macro Pampas get triumph during this date to stay at the tip, after a very day Intense the situation in the Argentine League is still quite even with teams that do not want to release the leadership.


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