Don't Take Ciri to the Brothel in The Witcher 3 - A Funny Bug in The Witcher 3 Causes Ciri to Turn into a Monstrosity!

If you function as Cirri in The Witcher 3, you ought to refrain from visiting NORAD's whorehouse. In a YouTube video, a gamer presents how an amusing bug rapidly turns the within into a beast.

The Witcher 3: How to curse your rating

The YouTuber Details has found a method to efficiently curse your score in the Witcher 3. In his latest video, he really wanted to discuss how she came as a Gerald of Cirri's sword Real. He stumbled throughout a bug that every Witcher gamer will be sorry for.

In the mission Cirri's story: breakneck rate, as Cirri you have to leave some persecutors from the city of NORAD. If you prevent the battles and instead climb over the roofing, you can in fact reach a district that is actually closed during the objective. There you even have the opportunity to interact with numerous NPCs. However, the video game rapidly makes it clear that he does not like it. Gerald appears in the cutscenes each time, which has the conversations rather of Cirri. His trainee may just stand and view in the background. However, it ends up being especially scary when she visits the brothel in NORAD. There you can offer Gerald a shepherd's hour. Cirri also seems to have gotten the lust of meat-here the bug says. A disturbing mixture of Gerald and Cirri can be seen in the intermediate sequence if you sleep with one of the prostitutes. Only the deception begins-Ciri's improvement stays even after the little Nümmerchen. From then on you do not play more than Cirri, however as a cross in between Cirri and a half-naked Gerald. See on your own: According to Details, you have no method to get rid of this bug. The pertinent rating is therefore cursed forever. He himself talk about his discovery with the words:

I have to admit-there are a couple of choices in video games that I regret more than this.


You shouldn't actually recreate this bug if you do not want to break the Immersive World of The Witcher 3. If you play on the console, Details likewise cautions against it-especially. There is only a minimal number of storage areas offered there. What do you consider this troubling bug? Have you ever seen something similar in The Witcher 3? Like to write us your opinion via Facebook!


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