Exploring The Magic Of Hogwarts Legacy: Answers To Players' Burning Questions

Yes, the release of Hogwarts Legacy is only on February 10, but some players have already vanished in the vastness of the Harry Potter universe. And they now unload how great the game actually is

Hogwarts Legacy: The first gamers unpack-and state how great the video game actually is.

Testers and probably the very first gamers currently have access to Hogwarts Legacy. Particularly in forums like Reddit, some threads shoot out of the ground in which these gamers report on their experiences. In a thread from Redditor Hamirthoat, he addresses all possible concerns as long as they are not spoilers (source: Reddit). Find out more about the homes in Hogwarts Tradition: Hogwarts Tradition: The 4 school houses subscribe to us on YouTube Considering that his contributions have not yet been erased, he may be able to discuss his experiences. Or the thread will vanish within the next couple of hours. Either way-what does he need to report? We summarize the most interesting and crucial responses for you. The advantage: In his posts, the gamer describes a number of times that he has a lot of fun with Hogwarts Tradition and that the game lacked concern with love for the Harry Potter universe. Hogwarts himself is massive and can more than likely be compared to RDR2 in terms of the open world sensation. The world outside Hogwarts is likewise big, but is more similar to Ubisoft Open World. He likes the fight gameplay and is shocked at how intricate it is. Far he would offer the video game an 8-9/10 as a ranking.

The (partly) bad: Up until now (after 7 hours in the video game), neither characters nor side missions are especially essential to the Redditor. He likes the characters, but he would not be compromising life (digital) life for them. With regard to the story, he explains that he has actually not yet finished lots of primary missions, although they have been the finest missions so far. Numerous side missions are more standard and not as advanced as missions in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He notifications a bug in his own character that lets the voice hall. No even more technical issues until now. The interesting thing: According to the player, it has no effect if he utilizes dark magic. There is most likely no rule in the video game that restricts you from running through Hogwarts in the evening. To get brand-new spells, you need to visit classes and do homework. You can not level approximately your wand, but always adapt cosmetically. The video game feels extremely freely for him and appears to focus especially on offering you the chance to do everything you desire.


Hogwarts Tradition (Amazon Exclusive) (PlayStation 5). EUR 74.99 for Amazon. The price may be higher now. Cost from 03.02.2023 2:59 p.m. Hamirthoat is not yet really far in the game and verifies a lot that has actually already been seen in the trailers: an enormous, in-depth Hogwarts and the liberty for players on which Hogwarts Legacy appears to be focused. Hopefully we will find out within the next couple of days whether the story, the Companions and the late game can keep up.


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