Exploring the Magical World: Options for Adapting the Complexity of Hogwarts Heritage

There are several options for the complexity Hogwarts Heritage that will help you adapt experience in accordance with your desire when you explore the magical world. The game offers a real hardcore challenge on the highest complexity. If players simply want to explore and feel the nature of the role-playing game, then there are also difficulties for this. So the choice of the level of complexity in the Hogwarts heritage may confuse. To help you with this, we will tell you in detail about the levels of complexity and what level we recommend that you choose in Hogwarts Legacy.

difficulty levels in Hogwarts Legacy

You can choose one of 4 levels of complexity in Hogwarts Legacy. The main differences in these difficulties are the quantity and aggressiveness of enemies. The amount of XP that you receive for content remains unchanged, regardless of the level of complexity you play.

The complexity of history

This is the first level that you can choose in Hogwarts Legacy. This is mainly for those who do not like to do complex things and want to focus on the history and school of magic. You can better study Hogwarts's legacy if you choose this option of complexity.

Easy difficulty

After the History level, the next option that the game offers you is an easy difficulty. If you choose this option, you can enjoy the plot, explore the game and encounter small problems that will improve your game experience.


Normal difficulty

This is the recommended level of the game that will allow you to explore and solve some problems. Problems at this level are difficult; You will need some effort to clean them.

high complexity

This level is intended for those who are a professional in the Hogwarts heritage. At this level of complexity, the game will offer you the most difficult tasks.

Your study will become much more complicated, and you will need to fully use spells, potions, etc., otherwise it will be difficult for you to advance in the plot.

how to change the difficulty

You can change the level of complexity when you want by simply suspended the game. Put the game and go to the settings. On the panel on the left, select the Parameters of the Game Process. Inside the parameters you will see the complexity parameter in the upper part of the screen. By clicking on it, a pop-up window will appear with all available difficulties, and you can switch to them.

What difficulty to choose

If you are a beginner in role-playing games and are looking for coolness in an open world, you should definitely choose plot or easy difficulty. The usual difficulty for you if you prefer to have some problems along the way. If you are looking for a real challenge and want to play the game for more than 50 hours and improve equipment and levels, then the difficulty of Hard is definitely for you. Enemies will be much more aggressive in high complexity, which will make you play carefully and take part in many additional content to increase the level, and not rush with the game.


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