Harry Potter Game: Transfiguration, Anti-Semitism and Co. - A Hot Debate On Social Media

Hogwarts Tradition is hotly debated on social networks, especially the trans-hostile views and representation of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling trigger a great deal of criticism. A comprehensive overview of which debate around the game exist and in which form they have an indirect or direct impact on Hogwarts Tradition can be gotten here: 0 17 Translatitude at J.K. Rowling, Goblins & Co. We describe to you all controversy around Hogwarts Legacy Appropriately, we would like to know how designers dealing with Avalanche Software offers such as translatitude and anti-Semitic representation in the video game and spoke with Story Lead Moira Squire and Game Designer Kelly Murphy.

a message of openness

In the Gamer interview, the developers insisted that inclusion and diversity are an essential subject for them. Not just do we meet characters of various ethnicities (which Gamer might already see at the Hogwarts Tradition mentioning Hogwarts), however likewise numerous LGBTQIA+ people. We can not participate in love in the video game, however characters must talk easily about their partners. Murphy sums up the viewpoint of the video game in the following way: It was really crucial for us that we play a video game where, no matter who you are, you can get the sensation and arrive that you are at home and welcome and accept.

trans characters in Hogwarts Legacy

Especially about the influence of J.K. Rowling-enemy declarations reveals a great deal of criticism. Hogwarts Tradition, on the other hand, likewise lets us play trans characters explicitly: In the character editor, we can choose our look and voice separately of each other.

Generally, there is a feminine and a manly voice to choose from, which can likewise be greater or lower-but this still sounded really abnormal in the alloying occasion, so we encourage versus it is so far. Here you can listen to it: Choice of gender: In the editor we can likewise freely choose whether we wish to be witch or magician. This then determines which dorm we are accommodated and how we are addressed. We can not pick our pronouns in the game easily, but in theory play without issues as trans characters. There is no non-binary alternative.

Kobold and anti-Semitic representation in Hogwarts Tradition

The representation of the goblins likewise stood by J.K. Rowling currently criticized in the past. She takes up some damaged clichés that are similar to anti-Semitic caricatures that were spread out in Germany throughout the time of National Socialism. Kobold even play a particularly big role in Hogwarts Tradition, because the Kobold transformation is a fundamental part of the story. One of the villains is the disobedience leader Rank, who wants to ruin all wizards and witches. Absolutely nothing has actually changed in the typical representation of the goblins (such as the compact shape and long hook nose) in the video game, but the developers explain that they at least desire to deal with the various goblins. It is essential to them that goblins were dealt with improperly by witches and magicians for a long period of time and there is a good factor for the rebellion. At the same time, it needs to be more about the fate of private characters than an extensive ideology, as Moira Squire explains: The goblins in the video game are full-fledged individuals. There are good goblins, there are bad goblins, they have subtleties, personalities and depth.


They are not dull or a stereotype. They are a varied group of people. Rank, the best person, a defiant, very violent, power-hungry goblin. The player likewise affects some lovable goblins with which he or she can make friends and who might not agree with Rank's techniques.

The execution makes the distinction

Naturally, we still have to wait and see how successful these representations are implemented in Hogwarts Tradition. The developers a minimum of make it clear that they have actually believed about the subject of addition. It remains to be hoped that the game not only desires to ward off the criticism, but really attempts to set a positive indication.


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