Hogwarts Legacy Breaks Twitch Record as Most Watched Game on Platform

Just at this time, some lucky ones have already been able to access Hogwarts Legacy thanks to the digital anticipated access offered with the luxury edition of the title. And while some are excited with the game, others have been trying to boycott live broadcasts. Plan that apparently has not had much visible effect.

It is confirmed that the Avalanche game has broken the Twitch audience record for the largest number of simultaneous viewers. He had more than 1.2 million simultaneous people only on his early date. This may be because many fans want to take a first glance, this to decide if in the end they will be able to buy their copy.

Hogwarts Legacy has broken the historical record of a single player game with more than 1.2 million simultaneous viewers on twitch. Something that must also be mentioned around Hogwarts Legacy, is that it has received good reviews from the media, since it is the definitive experience of interacting with the magical world.


However, now that the user reviews are released, it will not really surprise that a kind of review bombing is reported. Via: Comic book Editor's note: It was obvious that I was going to break it in views, since there are many curious who want to see in detail that great castle that awaits us in the next few days. The truth, I have refrained from watching videos and video reviews, since I want to go blindly.


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