Hogwarts Legacy Breaks Twitch Record Despite Boycott Efforts

Lately, barely any game has made such a big controversy as Hogwarts Tradition.

Numerous users contacted us to boycott the title for different reasons and 2 real camps around the upcoming RPG rapidly formed on the Internet. The actual release of the game only happens on February 10, however pre-ordered can already check out the world of Hogwarts Legacy in the early access. This likewise means that the title is currently strongly represented on Twitch and the variety of spectators there reveals that interest in Hogwarts Tradition is probably quite big.

Hogwarts Tradition goes through the ceiling on Twitch, the video game broke the audience record for a single player video game with a high of 1,253,916 viewers, spread out over the different streamers.

Hogwarts Legacy (purchase now/ EUR 53.99) was able to get the previous record holder cyberpunk, which was able to tempt an excellent 1.14 million users in front of the screen, rather confidently from the throne. Signs of spectators on twitch are of course not a warranty that a particular video game is really effective. After all, most users could just wish to see how the title is at all, but eventually do not acquire it themselves. At least a large part of the around 30,000 banners, which Hogwarts Tradition exuded to the highest level, probably purchased the video game. A drop campaign is likewise currently underway on Twitch, in which gamers can get a couple of in-game things for Hogwarts Tradition by watching, which most likely helped the number of spectators a little. With this excellent record, Hogwarts's number of views has to do with that of multiplayer titles such as Valorant, League of Legends, and Overwatch 2. Maybe even more individuals would have taken a look at the video game if some streamers had not chosen to do so for various factors, not to reveal the game live.


Among other things, some users spread their frustration in the chat of different banners who played the title for their live audience, which is why Streamer Hasan Piker described, among other things, that it was merely unworthy being tyrannized only for Hogwarts Legacy. To home page Share remarks 5 in Twitter Share Post


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