Hogwarts Legacy: Performance Mode vs. Fidelity Mode – Which One Should You Choose?

Like most other modern video games these days, Hogwarts Legacy offers some different graphic modes to choose from when you start the game. This allows players to decide whether they prefer to prioritize frame speed and performance, or graphic fidelity. If you are wondering if you should choose the performance or fidelity in Hogwarts Legacies is what you need to know.

Explanation of the Hogwarts Legacy performance and fidelity mode

First, let's review all the graphic ways offered by Hogwarts Legacy: Fidelity: a high fidelity rendering mode that favors resolution and graphic quality. Fidelity with Ray tracing: a rendering mode of greater loyalty with Ray tracing. It requires restarting to apply the changes. Performance: a high frame mode that favors performance. Balanced: a rendering mode that seeks a balance between resolution, quality of graphics and performance. Only available on compatible output devices. HFR performance: an ultra-high frame speed mode that favors maximum performance. Only available on compatible output devices. Fidelity offers a resolution of up to 4K and 30 fps, while Performance offers you a 1080p and 60 fps resolution. Ultimately, everything is reduced to whether it prefers better graphics or speeds of softer frames. Choose Fidelity if you worry that the game looks prettier and chooses performance if you prefer to have a more fluid experience while playing. We recommend opting for performance, since 1080p resolution is usually good enough for most players, and the game looks impressive in any way.

Why not opt for the fastest frame option if you can? If you change your mind in half, you can always access the configuration menu and change your performance mode on the Visualization Options tab. That is all you need to know about whether you should choose the performance or fidelity mode in Hogwarts Legacy.


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