Hogwarts Legacy: The Specter of Our Love Treasure Hunt - Complete Guide to Finishing the Quest

There are numerous missions to make to be able to finish the video game in its tiniest corners. The spectrum of our love provides a fairly full-bodied obstacle in Hogwarts Tradition.


With the sole indication of an uncertain card on the treatment to be followed, a leaflet is to discover a treasure. For that, it will be essential to discover the beginning point and how to engage the rest prior to having the ability to get your hands on it. As constantly, such a guide has many spoilers. If we have actually restricted them to the maximum, the names of the missions and certain objectives are detailed there.

How to finish the spectrum of our love?

Before you can release this quest, you need to have been able to progress until the aviary and more specifically met the ghost which SY discovers. It is for that reason at the time of the primary quest the rest of Richard Choices that it is possible to recuperate the card to the Treasure at the top of the tower. The latter indicates the departure place, the course to follow and the spell to be used to fix Leigh. In order to discover the treasure, utilize the Lumps spell on the deck next to the flame of forbidden forest. By moving, drifting candles appear. These will permit you to take the courses to the forest, and up until the conference location for enthusiasts. If you desire the candles to continue to advance, you need to not interrupt the spell throughout the trip. At the end of the course, you can discover a chest in which the treasure scientist is situated. A cosmetic aspect for your neck device.


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