How to Adjust Difficulty Levels in Hogwarts Legacy for a More Challenging or Easier Experience

Hogwarts Legacy houses many formidable enemies between elves, trolls and other magicians. Sometimes, the challenge can be too much, or it can be a breeze that can be adjusted a bit. Regardless of how difficult it may be, it is possible to change the difficulty of the game.

Here is how to change difficulty configuration at Hogwarts Legacy.

Change difficulty configuration at Hogwarts Legacy

Image Source: Warner Bros. Games through The difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy can be changed by opening the pause menu, selecting the configuration icon in the lower right of the screen and using the on-screen cursor to choose the game options represented by an icon of a controller in front of change. There are four difficulties in choosing: History: an approach to history with a minimum game challenge Easy: A light play challenge Normal: A balanced game challenge Difficult: a demanding game challenge While the difficulty is initially chosen before starting a new game, it is possible to change the difficulty at any time during the game. There is no penalty to change difficulties, which can be a good method if players want to win XP very quickly. There are also no achievements to finish the game in a specific difficulty.


That is how to change difficulty configuration at Hogwarts Legacy. Consult again with to get more coverage of Hogwarts Legacy and follow the links below to get other useful guides while exploring the magical world. Related Posts The best talents in Hogwarts's legacy Where to find Malvadulce leaves at Hogwarts Legacy Should you give Duncan's poisonous sheet in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered How to change your home at Warding World & Hogwarts Legacy How to update team at Hogwarts Legacy


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