How to Change Your Voice in Hogwarts Legacy: Unlock the Magic of Your Witch or Wizard's Voice

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can change the voice of your witch or wizard during the creation screen of the character. However, the game also has a function that allows you to change the height of your character’s voice at any time after the start of the story.


Here's how to access the step option.

How to change the height of the voice in Hogwarts Legacy

When starting a new game, you can choose how the voice of your witch or wizard will sound during a conversation in KAT scenes. To change your voice, go to the modification of your character tab in the editor of the characters. Next, enter the cursor on the slider of the tone height to edit vocals. If you move the sliders to the left, your character’s voice will sound deeper. Moving the option further to the right will make your character the voice higher. If you finalize your character and regret how your character sounds during the game, you are lucky, as there is a feed function that allows you to change your voice when you want. Below are the steps that you can take in order to quickly change the sound of your witch or wizard, regardless of how far you have advanced in history.

how to change your voice after you created your character Hogarth Heritage

You can change your voice during the story of Hogwarts's heritage to the settings menu. Click on the settings tab after you pause the game, and move the cursor down to the Pitch option is under the volume of the dialogue. As on the screen of creating a character, moving the tone height of the tone up or down will increase or lower your vocal effects. Like the functions of the transmogrification Hogwarts Heritage, this mechanic is available at any time on the menu. Thus, you can freely edit the sound of your witch or wizard as often as you want.

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