How to Fix the PSN Error 'You Can't Connect to the Server to Check Your License': A Step-by-Step Guide

Get a PSN error while playing your favorite games on the PlayStation console is the worst of the possible sensations. These can be problems associated with the server, or problems from the user, which most often arise when releasing a large game. The players came across an error You can’t connect to the server to check your license when accessing the Hogwarts heritage. Here are a few possible solutions to the problem.

Fix the PSN error You can’t connect to the server to check your license.

As it turned out, the problem here is that the server cannot check your PlayStation Network license. To solve this problem, go to the settings> Account management> Restore licenses. Wait for the completion of the recovery process, and then turn off the PlayStation console for about half a minute. Run the device again, and your problem should be solved. Some users reported that the process of restoring the license did not completely pass. Instead, they received another PSN mistake under the code name WS-116521-6. If you are faced with the same problem, do not worry, because there is another way to solve it.

All you need to do is reset the settings for the Internet connection on the PlayStation console and reboot the device after one minute to fix the PSN error.

How to check the status of server PSN

If you have ever encountered the problems of connecting on your PlayStation device, it is recommended to visit the PSN web page to make sure that the problem is not on your part. If any of the services is highlighted in red, then the problem is most likely related to PlayStation servers. In addition, you can also check the downloadetector, the community website on which users report their problems. If nothing develops, and you simply cannot solve your problems, register your complaint in the PlayStation support service.


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