How to Update Your Team at Hogwarts Legacy: A Guide for Witch and Wizardry Adventurers

Being a witch or a wizard can be a lot of fun, but also entails many risks and dangers. If you do not want your magical trip to end prematurely, you will want to equip yourself with the best tools of the trade. Without further ado, this is how to update your team at Hogwarts Legacy.

When can I update my team at Hogwarts Legacy?

To improve your team in Hogwarts Legacy, you must conjure a delighted loom in the Men.


You get access to the conjuration spell for loving loom when completing the ELF, Nab-Sack and Loom search line, and create it requires eight moonstone. When interacting with the loom, the update menu will appear, which will allow you to assign traits to your team. Each element can be updated three times and will require the corresponding resources to do so. Tracking these resources can be a slow process, but it could be said that it is more reliable than looking for a weird and valuable equipment.

A patient spell pitcher is the best rewarded, and following this process will produce the best and most useful team to prolong your miserable life expectancy. Now that you are aware of how to update your team at Hogwarts Legacy will better deepen the witchcraft and sorcery files of through the guides below, which include how to alternate the tunic in your new and sweet equipment. Related Posts Should you get the Cooper pen for Garrett Weasley at Hogwarts Legacy? Answered How to increase team slots in Hogwarts Legacy How to alternate the hood of your robe in Hogwarts Legacy Missions Guide Discover the Secret of the Antechamber of Hogwarts Legacy How to solve photograms speed problems and flickering of Hogwarts PC performance


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