Lionel Messi to Return to Argentina After PSG Treaty Ends in June

The Treaty of Lionel Messi near Paris Saint-Germain ends in June. That is why the superstar is currently meant to handle an incredible return-not to FC Barcelona, but to his childhood years club in Argentina. This arises from a number of media reports from South America, which rely upon ex-player Sergio Ague. He seriously considers the opportunity to bet Newell's, the Brazilian portal AOL quotes the ex-striker, that maintains a limited cord to Messi and shared an area with him at the Globe Mug in Qatar. According to Infowar, the topic at the club from the Argentine Primera División is currently being gone over intensively. There you apparently flirt really much with a Messi return, it is stated. According to the site, there can quickly be a dry run of the offending player in the Rosario jersey.


In June, Messi is claimed to show up in the farewell game of his veteran friend Maxi Rodríguez for Newell's. As soon as went to the six-fold Argentine master with Messi with each other with Messi, Rodríguez. The courses after that divided in Europe. While Messi competed FC Barcelona for several years, his youth good friend worked with near Español, Atlético Madrid as well as Liverpool FC.

Rodríguez returned to Newell's in 2019 at the end of the profession.

Messi likewise bargains with FC Barcelona?

The conjecture regarding a Messi adjustment to Argentina as well as the statements of Ague, however, attempted to downplay. The art is the art. Let's wait as well as see what occurs and also does not come to the realities, quotes Infowar Rodríguez. The Messi page possibly likewise describes various other options. Papa and also manager Jorge Messi ought to meet in Barcelona with Barça President Joan Lakota a few days back, reported the radio station Catalonia Radio. A warm trace additionally leads to Inter Miami as well as the Saudi Arabic Top Organization Archival. In Saudi Arabia, Messi can accumulate an annual wage of $350 million, numerous media reported.

The art is the art. It simply can't be peaceful. We'll see. Allow's seen as well as wait what happens as well as does not come to the facts, prices estimate Infowar Rodríguez.


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