Love or Hate It - Take Our Lightning-Fast Survey on Hogwarts Legacy and Give Your Assessment Now!

You can enjoy or dislike it, however Hogwarts Tradition is already a huge success.

The video game received good evaluations and praise from the neighborhood. On Steam, the video game was able to schedule more than 800,000 gamers at the very same time. There is really a surprisingly good game behind the buzz, which is filled to the stop with fan service and an additional portion of Potter environment. The user scores are likewise strong: more than 55,000 gamers (!) Have already achieved an average ranking of 93 on Steam, and a comparable image is emerging on Metacritic. What interests us the most, we desire to find out today: What do you actually think about Hogwarts Tradition? What assessment would you award? Which features have convinced you, which have irritated you? Which home did you pick and which platform did you play on? You can tell all of us of this and more in our study that we have incorporated you here. The survey is done at warp speed, does not require registration and is confidential. We only ask you to take part in the study if you have really played the game yourself so that we can get the result as practical. As soon as we have enough individuals, we will evaluate the information for you and release here. Keep an eye on the message! (Note: If you do not see a study under this sentence, deactivate or pause your advertisement blocker.). Develop your own survey on user feedback. As a gaming editorial team, you have merely not passed Hogwarts Tradition (buy now/ EUR 53.99). We also accompanied the subject comprehensively and formed a small team that took care of posts and videos previously, during and after the release.


We were able to supply you with a detailed hands-on report and specials for choice of homes weeks earlier, followed by our big test and lots of techniques & tips. There were also practical help (for example for spongy video camera control), info for spider haters, a travel guide through Hogwarts, Tradition specials, responses to community issues and a 2nd, special test as a highlight. The latter originates from the viewpoint of our editorial slogan Chris, who really can't do anything with Harry Potter, but then in some way finds the game rather good. You can go through the perk test that is not so severe or view it as a video. To the homepage to the gallery. Share comments 1 in Twitter Share Article.


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