Preorder Your Hogwarts Legacy Edition Now: All Unlock Times And Preload Info You Need To Know

The long-awaited Hogwarts Legacy of Avalanche Software is available to coordinate right now and comes in three different editions: Physics/Digital, Deluxe and Collectors Edition. If you have already requested your copy in advance, you may wonder what you will really get to play or at least preload in advance. We have the details in times of preload and unlocking of Hogwarts Legacy for all editions and consoles below.

Hogwarts Legacy preload dates for all platforms and editions

The ability to preload Hogwarts Legacy in Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has already started from Jan. 25, 2023, regardless of the edition you have bought. As for PS5 and PC, there has not yet an official time, but a time window. Hello again! The preload usually occurs at least 72 hours before the release date, according to the platform. We will know more details closer to the launch. We appreciate your patience in the meantime! —WB Games Support (@WBGAMESUPPORT) January 12, 2023, According to the official Twitter account of WB Games Support, the preload dates for PS5 and PC will begin at least 72 hours before the game launch.

Hogwarts Legacy unlock times for all platforms and editions

As for the unlocking times of Hogwarts Legacy, it varies according to your version of the game. For those of you who bought the luxury edition or collector's edition, it comes with three days of early access, which means that you can enter the game three days before the official game of the game. To unlock times are the following: Physical/Digital Basics: Midnight Local Hour, Feb. 10, 2023 Luxury edition: midnight local time, Feb. 7, 2023 Collector edition: Midnight Local Hour, Feb.


7, 2023.

And there they have friends: all times of preload and unlocking of Hogwarts Legacy in each edition and console. The download size of each version of Hogwarts Legacy varies greatly. In PS5, it's 80 GB; Xbox Series S is 50 GB; Xbox Series X has 77 GB; and the PC is 85 GB. It is a decent size game, and now it is time to clear some space. Related Posts Explanation of all the inherited editions of Hogwarts and their contents All Hogwarts Legacy reserve bonds Can people be killed at Hogwarts Legacy? Answered The new Hogwarts Legacy trailer has key scenarios in abundance Will JK Rowling earn money with Hogwarts Legacy?


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