Solve the Riddle of the Bell Tower: A Side Quest in Hogwarts Heritage

Everything is good that ends is another side quest in Hogwarts's Heritage, which contains another riddle of the bell tower that needs to be solved. However, unlike the puzzle Solution using a bell, now you need to find two missing bells and return them to the bell tower. The puzzle itself is actually quite simple. Both missing bells are at the top of the bell tower. However, it may be difficult for you to find a second call due to its location. You need to know exactly where to stand and watch, otherwise you will not find.

Passage All Well that Ends Bell and Puzzle Solution

It should be noted that the call everything is good that ends can only be launched in the daytime. When you are ready, go to the location of the fireplace flame. Protection from the Tower of Dark Arts and then get down the stairs. You need to talk with a student of Hufflepuff. Evangeline Bradley, who is easy to recognize by a luminous circle around her. If this is not the daytime, you will have to wait in a luminous circle until it appears. Evangelina will tell you that bells disappeared from the bell tower. Offer your help to find and return them to start a quest. There are several things that should be paid to before proceeding with the quest. You can solve the riddle of the bell tower with the help of Levies and Action. However, the movement of the bells will be a little complicated due to the small space of the tower. The best way to solve a puzzle with a bell is to wait for the end. The task of Professor Warwick 1 for Vanadium Levies. This spell allows you to incredibly easily place the bells. Since temporary restrictions are not tied to the puzzle, you should wait until you have a suitable spell for work.

head to the bell tower

The first thing you need to do is obviously get to the bell tower. The best way to get to this place is to quickly get to the Flew Flame location in the courtyard of the bell tower. Go up the stairs from here until you reach a small corridor, which also has a chest with eyes.

On the right is the choral room. You need to climb a wooden staircase in the upper part of the room to get to the bell tower. If you have not unlocked this place of teleportation into the courtyard of the bell tower, go to the northern hall and climb the stairs to the upper floor to get into the wing of the bell tower.

Place the first missing bell

You will find the first bell on the right side of the stairs, climbing the bell tower. This is the easiest bell that can be found. If it’s still difficult for you, use Revelry to highlight the bell. Now use Wingardium Levies to make the bell swim, and transfer it to the upper platform, where there are two levels of bells. You need to bring the bell to the absent slot at the lower level.

Place the second missing bell

Go to the top of the tower, and you will find the second bell lying on a small platform to the right of the stairs. If you have problems finding a call, use Revelry to highlight the bell.


The second call is a little difficult to install on a hinge, since you do not have a platform that would help you with a height adjustment. However, the use of a combination of both spells can give the desired results. Bring the bell to the loop, using Levies and Action to put it in the left corner of the row. You will hear the melody after installing the second bell. This will mean that you decided the puzzle with the bell tower Hogwarts's Heritage and you need to return to Evangelina.

Return to the Gospel

You can quickly get to the location Flame of the chimney in the tower of dark arts. Evangeline will stand in the same place as at the beginning of the quest. Go down the stairs and see it to the right of you. Talk to her to complete the quest and earn a flashed horn as a reward.


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