SV Wehen Wiesbaden Lose 1-4 to VfL Osnabrück in Third Division Tracker Duel | Kauczinski's Team Goes Hard to Court

In the end there was an unpleasant as well as clear 1: 4 from the perspective of SV When wiesbaden on the scoreboard on the Bremen bridge. A clear loss, as well as the 2nd straight for the promo candidate from the Hessian resources. Train Markus Kaczyński, that had additionally handled the yellow card in the final phase as a result of complaints, made obvious of his dissatisfaction soon after the final whistle. We really did not take area today, said the instructor in Magenta Sporting activity. We were unbelievably at risk to defensively, Osnabrück deservedly won. For the very first time this period, Kaczyński had something to complain about in the standard attitude of his group: Today, 4, five or six gamers simply did not happen, did not have the energy to defend themselves in this state of mind.

Much better battle habits, a far better body movement is bitterly needed for the upcoming tasks, continued, he continued and took on his team.

Schweinsteiger as well as the favorable power

The Osnabrück that were celebrated by their followers is completely various. Tobias Schweinsteiger located his mentoring better compared to the 2: 3 against Bayreuth.


Sieges are constantly vital, this is the be-all and end-all, stated the VFL coach, that briefly climbed fourth with his group. Versus the Upper Franconia, Schweinsteiger had taken the defeat on his cap. Prior to the game versus the SVWW, he had revealed several good scenes to his group, which after that pulled positive power from it and ultimately carried out all the requirements against a very, excellent opponent. Following week in Saarbrücken we have to play football as well as today, the ex-professional considered the upcoming job of the purple-whites already cautioning in advance of an additional chase battle for VFL.


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