The Controversy Behind HSV Football AG and the General Meeting: What You Need to Know

Because: There was no arrangement on the new supervisory board, instead the 2nd division announced at night that the talks were agreed. Supervisory Board Marcel Jansen is quoted in the main announcement in the association's speech: We had lots of questionable conversations that need to ultimately lead to a favorable result. Equated, this implies that you have not yet resulted in a result. And that is not favorable for him, especially for him. Ahead of time, there had been excellent resistance to the recovery plans in the control committee. In addition to the voluntary withdrawal of Dr. Andreas Peters likewise wished to replace Jansen and his e.V. Presidium, Lena Scrum, with Henrik Once and Stephan von Below. However, the shareholders had other strategies, wished to hang on to Scrum and change Dealer Diesel. Background: The 62-year-old Jansen-close monetary entrepreneur will be viewed seriously since in 2019 he, as FC Augsburg's supervisory board, sold his shares in the club profitably to the United States financier David Blitzer. There was also massive criticism of Diesel at the general meeting nearly 2 weeks ago, when Jansen was confirmed in workplace.

Jansen positively: We are fitting

On Thursday morning, the supervisory board, the shareholders and the 2 board members Jonas Bold and Dr. Eric Huber in the Volkmar met-and after six hours published without success. The choice of candidates for the control committee ought to be talked about intensively again and collaborated internally. Jansen tries to sell this as favorably as possible: I consider this decision to be a good compromise due to the fact that we approach each other. The reality that he does not stubbornly (and as initially prepared) identify the guidance according to his taste is really a sign of desire to jeopardize and ability to learn. The fact that there was no result and those included need to approach each other also demonstrates how far some bodies are far from him. And this uses in particular to the interest representatives of investors and investor Klaus-Michael Kühne.


does Diesel move into the supervisory board again?

To start with, the course of the day means: The present supervisory board stays without the prepared reorganizations approximately the next general conference, which is to be assembled immediately, but in the workplace without the controversial dins. In the previous year, he was only as a replacement candidate for the Thomas Mustered sent to the board from the control committee. His required to be ended with the general meeting on Thursday. Jansen could have put him through the office. After the adjoining, it is open whether Diesel will move into the HSV supervisory board once again.

And it is more open than ever whether Jansen will still be the new control committee after the unveiled agreement and the second edition of the basic meeting.


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