Tibor Pleiß: Experiencing the Earthquake in Turkey and Helping Its Victims

Ex-NBA player Timor Play experienced the earthquake as a basketball expert at the Turkish Association Anatole Eyes and feels the repercussions. When the training is over, you understand: Now we will hear bad news once again. You can see how the affected facial expressions form once again, stated Play in an interview with the sman. During the earthquake, the 33-year-old was just in the sauna of his house in Istanbul on his day-free day and found out about the catastrophe on television.


It was awful to take a look at, the gamer described the scenario. Play moved to Turkey in 2016 and at first dipped into Galatasaray Istanbul until 2017. After a stopover at the Valencia Basket Club in Spain, he returned to the country on the Bosporus in 2018, which the basketball expert now describes as a second house. I have the sensation that everyone knows someone who knows someone who has the family down there. You can see a great deal of employees, but likewise sad faces, stated Play.

For the 105-time German international, it is a naturalness to help the affected individuals. After the training I grabbed a colleague, and we are together in the grocery store and attempted to contribute our part. We totally put and charged on 2 cars and trucks. With a view to the continuation of the game in Turkey and the Turkish Cup set up for the coming week, Play also sees a possible modification for individuals. The messages reveal only dreadful photos of collapsed buildings, by children who have actually been buried. Every escape in front of it is invited.


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