Travel the School Corridors of 1800s Hogwarts and Incorporate Harry Potter into Hogwarts Legacy

Since its launch in very early Feuary, the game Hogwarts Legacy, Avalanche Software, has actually been a real business and also public success. Detector os. production. Gamings insert your gamers right into a wonderful cosmos that fans of the Harry Potter franchise business will recognize. The story of the video game, nonetheless, is regarding a century before the major triad of the legend got to Hogwarts Castle. Therefore, it is impossible to discover Harry, Hermione or also Ron there. However, some players located a method to integrate the kid who made it through the and-new PISAI exactly how!

Harry Potter in 1800?

It is the presence of the franchise hero if there is one thing that followers of the Gryffindor home is missing out on. The lead character can nevertheless, go through the Hogwarts hallways if you ing you to life. The creation of Hogwarts Legacy personalities supplies a number of options that enable Harry to show up in the game as well as still check out the traditional. Here are the adhering to instructions to have the opportunity to play like a young wizard's double:


  • Pre-defined faces: Line 1, column 4
  • Face layout: Line 1, column 1
  • Skin color: Alternative 1

Add-on as well as Hair

  • Glasses: Alternative 1
  • Hair shade: Option 1
  • Haircut: Line 9, column 3


  • Appearance: Alternative 8
  • Freckles: Alternative 1
  • ands and also marks: Line 1, column 1; Line 2, column 4 (optional).

ows and eyes.

  • Eye shade: Alternative 19.
  • ow shade: Alternative 1.
  • Eyeow style: Line 2, column 2. Regrettably, Harry Potter's traditional mark is not existing in the personality's customization options. It is possible to compensate with various other marks on the forehead as well as additionally around the ows. The only point missing out on is to pick a stick made from holly which has a phoenix penalty in your core to get back at closer to the personality. We understand that physical look is not the only element required for a cosplay-you will certainly require finding the garments, cloaks, sticks and also spells utilized by undergraduate students.


The visual resemblance, however, is a good start to enter into the skin of the personalities.


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