Unlock Exclusive Harry Potter Game Rewards On Twitch With Hogwarts Legacy Drops

The Hogwarts Legacy game, inspired by the Harry Potter universe, is scheduled to launch globally on Feuary 10, 2023. PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | s users who purchased the version with early access can access the Hogwarts universe in this Tuesday (7). Thus, the developer Avalanche Software has announced that exclusive items could be rescued through Twitch drops on Tuesday. Like every exclusive Twitch reward, the user must watch a delimited number of live oadcast hours of the game to receive the item.

Every 30 minutes of live views, a new reward is added to the inventory. Check out the items that can be rescued below: Dragon glasses; A sea urchin beret; A scarlet scarf; A lilac outfit A surprise reward will be given to all spectators of Avalanche Software official Live on Feuary 10, 2023. It will be necessary to track the transmission for at least 20 minutes to rescue Merlin's cover.


How to activate Twitch Drops

Between Feuary 7 and 24, exclusive Hogwarts Legacy items will be available for rescue via Twitch Drops. Players will therefore have three weeks to get all exclusive rewards. To be able to get the items, make the following steps: Login on your Twitch platform account; Connect your Warner os. account. Games with Twitch in connections; Look for a Hogwarts Legacy transmission with the active Twitch Drops category; Watch at least 30 minutes of the oadcast in question to receive your first reward; In the game, you will need to have completed the introduction to be able to see the items in your equipment inventory.


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