Vay Takes Off in Hamburg: Driverless Car Hits the Streets for First Time

The hype about the autonomous cars and truck has recently been a bit dilapidated. And yet something occurs. At the end of 2022, the authority of traffic and mobility transition from the city of Hamburg granted the Berlin start-up Day a remarkable license that enables the operation of a completely driverless car. Now the electric Kia Nero has actually successfully completed its first test drive through the Hanseatic city. Day mentions a historical minute, employer and co-founder Thomas on her The, the trip sees as a milestone and important action, especially for Hamburg and Europe. Because while driverless vehicles are currently on the relocation in China or the U.S.A. in some locations, Hamburg's single journey on our continent has revealed a novelty.

push-button control by telephone

The matter in the Hanseatic city is not the same as it should really drive with self-governing. But still requires an individual since the Nero does not find its method alone.

Nevertheless, it does not being in the cars and truck, but spatially away in a nerve center. As a so-called telephone motorist, he or she holds the threads, that is, the tax. Way: the automobile drives remote control. For this function, the molestation was entirely geared up with all the essential controls, consisting of the guiding wheel and Valerie. The required information about the traffic circumstance comes via a number of screens and earphones. Screens, steering wheel, Valerie: telephone driver at work.


Day For the time being, the remote-controlled test drives only take place in a predefined location. Nevertheless, Day's later organization design states that the client orders the electrical cars and truck to any location, the order is digital, i.e. via app. The telephone driver then directs the car to the preferred address, where the customer takes over it instantly and continues. The look for the parking area is for that reason no longer necessary. After completing the journey, the car is delegated the telephone once again, who conducts it back to the collection point or the next client.

favorable report

The future costs for the door-to-door service should move as part of the usual automobile sharing deals, according to Day. The start-up for more than three years has actually had remote-controlled cars through the public roadway traffic in Berlin and Hamburg Rollen-Bisher on board with security motorists. The just recently provided exemption, which makes the security motorist obsolete, is based upon a positive report from TUV SUD with regard to the functional and cybersecurity of the Telefax system.


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