Where to Find the Magical Plants of Hogwarts Heritage

Plants are one of many resources and ingredients that you can ultimately have to find in the Hogwarts heritage. They are associated with tribology, the subject on which you sign up to find out everything about plants. You unlock your first plant as part of the main quest of the Herbology class. After that, you can unlock more plants during your progress. Please note that there are two types of plants in Hogwarts Legacy, and you must buy them for the first time to unlock them. After that, you can grow and collect them yourself using their seeds. What do plants do in Hogwarts's Heritage? They will help you create all kinds of potions. Some plants can also be used in battle to stun enemies for a moment. In addition, you need to grow and collect all available plants in the game in order to unlock the roots of the achievement.

Heritage of Hogwarts Plants and how to get them

In total, at Hogwarts Legacy you can buy nine different plants.

These plants will be either potions that can be used to prepare various potions, or combat plants attacking enemies.


fighting plants

how to grow and use plants

After you have purchased seeds of the desired plant in stores, you can grow and collect them to get more. This can be done in two main places-in the tables of the Plotting class of herbology and the requirements room. Please note that the plants that you receive will have different sizes from small to medium and large. In the same way, you will need the corresponding size of the table for each plant that you are going to grow. Please note that large plants cannot be grown on small graphic tables, but small plants can be grown on large ones. After you planted the seeds, all you need to do is wait until they grow up.


Growth time ranges from 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the plant. After the plant is completely growing, you can collect it to get more. After you get the required amount, you can use plants to make various potions.


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