Who Has Won the eFootballer of the Year Award Since 2018?

All of it started with an exporter, whom you currently understand much better from YouTube: Danny 'Prison' Report received one of the most votes from the 12 nominated in the initial study. Perhaps likewise because he had currently made a name for himself on the video clip system back then and was among the most effective FIFA YouTubers in Germany. Report also belonged to the elite of the German FIFA-Export in 2019, for instance, ended up in the leading 64 in the globe. A harmonizing act that he brought us closer to us in 2019.


globe champion as well as series winner

Reports 'follower was Yoruba' Various. The focus colleague from 'Preowned' played an impressive year, just narrowly fell short to Michael 'Megabit' Bittner in to defend the crown of the Online Bundesliga. Just missed the specific title on the nationwide stage, he ordered it on the large phase: Various played in London and also won the World Cup title versus defending champion Moseyed 'Glossary' Glossary. What we involve series victor UMT 'UMT' Bulletin.

The Hamburger in Service RB Leipzig has actually become part of the absolute FIFA tip in Germany and the world for many years. In 2020, he complied with Various as an footballer of the year prior to protecting his title in 2021. A task that he did a 2nd time in 2022 because he was inherited as globe champ. After the Globe Cup 2020 and 2021 did not occur, the initial FIFA Globe Mug has actually remained in Copenhagen in 2022. Bulletin packed the possibility to take the hat as well as the name technique as an footballer of the year.

the list of champions at a glance

2018: Danny 'Prison' Report 2019: Mohammed 'Yoruba' Various 2020: UMT 'UMT' Bulletin 2021: UMT 'UMT' Bulletin 2022: UMT 'UMT' Bulletin


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